Who we are

We are DOT.world, a high-tech company powered by algorithms, coffee and passion for our work! As a team, we are providing technology, content management and community support for leaders and experts in different industries and scientific fields. We have won two consecutive grants from the Dutch Technology Foundation for our platform technology, and we have provided 50+ platforms.

On a daily basis, we work closely together with our partners and clients in order to build great thought leader platforms for them. We have provided several platforms in areas ranging from legal innovations and marketing strategies to food security and ocean preservation, mainly for online communities, networked organizations and corporates. Our goal is to help people and organizations to bring together fragmented pieces of information, create overview, remove the noise and save time by quickly discovering the most relevant information per topic. This is why we developed DOT.world, and we'd love to get in touch with you and learn about how we can best assist you!

The DOT.world team

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Community facilitor

Frontend developer

UX designer

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