About us

We are DOT.world, a high-tech company powered by data-science, coffee and passion for our work!

Our mission is to connect the dots in today’s information-rich world. The paradox nowadays is that we need to stay up-to-date on a ton of topics, but there is simply too much information, too much to keep track of, too much noise, and, most importantly, too little time. 

The good news is that we can help out! With smart data science, crawling, filtering, machine learning and text analysis, we make sure that you get all the information crucial to you and your colleagues/peers in one digital radar. This way, you can spend your time on reading the gems and on assessing the impact for your business or industry. We have won two consecutive grants from the Dutch Technology Foundation for our platform and structured search technology, and we have provided 50+ platforms and information hubs.

On a daily basis, we work closely together with our customers (professional teams and professional associations) to facilitate them with platforms and hubs where relevant information dominates. We’d love to get in touch with you and learn about how we can best assist you!

If you have inquiries, feedback, or suggestions feel free to give us a call at +31(0)235831331 or send us an email at info@dot.world, or directly schedule a call at a moment which suits you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

The team



Martin has a 30 year career in Banking, Investments and Logistics and has been an entrepreneur for a large part of his career. Since 2016 he is involved with DOT.World and has long admired the functionality, ease of use and the efficacy of its products for knowledge workers. His ambition is to grow the company’s user base and gradually improve the product offering through machine learning and AI. Martin has degrees in Law and Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.



Commercial director

Many (corporate) teams, associations and consortia can benefit from the DOT technology and platforms, but are not yet aware of the possibilities. Siewerd is married to his phone, spreading the word and translating the clients’ needs and wishes into the highly customized platforms we design and develop for them.



Data science & development

Automate what you can automate, save time if you can save time. This is his mantra. Yaroslav is our automation and software guru, taking care of the filtering of information. He has an extensive experience in web development and speaks a lot of (programming) languages and loves to hike during the weekends with his family.

Cristi communication and marketing dot.world


Client success

If you have a question or you are in the process of setting up your platform, or simply want to chat about anything football-related, then Cristi is your go-to guy. On a daily basis he is busy setting up and monitoring information crawlers, to make sure the platforms are fuelled by daily, fresh content & insights.

Jose Front End developer dot.world


Data science & development

José is our very own Antonio Gaudi. He’s designing the software architecture to contribute to the mission of connecting the dots. He is continuously improving the DOT.world engine and working together with the other developers. When he’s not translating client needs into product features, José is studying up on Game Design.

Rheza | UX Designer


UX designer

Technology is our core, but user-friendliness is key. Less is more, mobile first, user-centric design – some of the phrases you hear Rheza saying on a daily basis. He is responsible for the user-experience of the DOT platforms.

Wim Korevaar CEO DOT.world


Founder & Advisor

Wim is the founder of the company and got a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science. His idea for DOT.World came from a frustration with the amount of noise on the Internet and the time it takes to stay up-to-date. In 2014, after selling another start up company, he embarked on a mission to fix information-overload, and started DOT. With the core product development fully completed and the company entering a new stage Wim decided to pursue other opportunities. He has retained a large shareholding and remains with the company in an advisory position.