Expert platform for your community
For associations, branch organizations, large research projects, NGOs, or other group of experts or professionals looking for a way to connect, engage and grow.
Extra value for your members

Create the go-to expert community platform in the field to provide your members with quick access to must-know information and news, and attract new members.

Engage your community

Provide your members with the social features everyone knows and loves, such as discussions, private messaging, user and company profiles, or upcoming events.

Easier community management

Reduce the time spent on community management to the minimum, by having automated news streams, automated newsletters, and empowering the community to manage itself.

expert community platforms for associations
Extra value for your members

The number one reason for people to join a professional community is to stay informed on developments in their fields. Provide an expert community platform for your members and:

  • Combine all the best practices, news and developments and enable professionals to stay up to date
  • Always keep track of valuable information by creating public or private collections
  • Save time finding information by filtering down by topic and keywords
Engage your community

Engagement is a top priority for all professional communities. Create the go-to community platform in your industry and:

  • Facilitate a lively community by enabling members to engage in in-depth discussions, commenting, and private messaging
  • Allow members to showcase their expertise with extensive user and partner profile pages
  • Send automatic or customizable newsletters to retain, engage and keep members informed
expert community platforms for thought leaders
expert community platforms for professional communities
Easier community management

The platform is designed to reduce the time spent on community management to the bare minimum:

  • Automated news are gathered from the web to help the community stay up to date and to ensure there's always something new to come back for
  • Facilitate experts to exchange best practices, insights and knowledge, and determine what is worthwhile
  • The platform is tailored to your needs. If you have specific requirements, we're there to work and develop with you
Empower your community
  • Let’s plan a short call to discuss over your goals
  • We set up the platform in line with your goals, and adapt it to your needs & brand identity
  • You're set. Connect your organization and take advantage of your new expert community platform