Frequently asked questions provides social, information platforms for communities and organizations, on any topic. The platforms provide you with unprecedented overview and quickly show you what's relevant on specific topics. Provide your community/organization with a powerful platform to connect like-minded people and help them discover, share, organize, discuss and rank the most relevant information.
The platforms are dedicated to specific subjects, and people come together to share and rank the most relevant information related to those topics. All information is categorized into a convenient, logical structure, and you can filter down based on topics and quickly get an overview of the most relevant information on those topics. To get a taste, browse the existing platforms dedicated to startups, food security, management & consulting , or the Zika virus.
If there isn't a platform built around the topics you are interested in, you can register your own platform and invite your community/organization to join. You can quickly apply for a platform by going to our registration page, filling in a few details, and we will contact you to get your platform up and running.
On the platforms the content and structure are determined by you and your fellow users. The unique technology allows you to collaboratively share, organize, and rank valuable information/content. To facilitate this democratic process, each addition or change on the platform starts as a proposal and is subject to revision and voting by other users. We ask the users of the platforms to share items in specific communities and to review and rate each other's contributions. However, if you are unsure about where you should add an item, you can simply post it on your profile and it will be added to the platform's home page. You or others can later move it to a community by clicking the 'Move' button in the 'Options' menu.
On the organizational platforms, there is more user and content control possible. Moreover, it is possible to have the content visible only for a selected group of users.
Anything you think relevant to the topics on the platform. When you think something is missing, don't be disappointed, just propose to add it. If other people like your contribution they will upvote it, and your addition will become more visible throughout the platform
You can easily invite your community, colleagues and like-minded people by using the 'Invite' button found on your profile page or in the menus.