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The platforms are designed to provide extra value for you and your peers by focusing on a crucial aspect: easy access to relevant information!
Organized Information

Organize the information and filter down by topics and subtopics. Your information is no longer drowned in noise.

Engagement and Interaction

The platform has a built-in notification system to keep your peers engaged. The many means for discussions allow you and your peers to always easily engage with one another.

Up-to-Date Information

Automated content streams gather relevant information from the web, to help you stay up to date on the news in your field, industry or expertise.

Relevant Information

Algorithms as well as the platform's unique structure and curation mechanisms make it easy to see what’s most relevant, on any topic.

More awesome features

Optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile


Send relevant info right into your users’ inboxes

Public or private

Make your hub accessible to anyone or members-only

Customer support

Quick and friendly customer support

Share information

Share information from any online source

Personal domain

Run your information hub on your desired domain


Secure storage in the cloud (ISO 27001/27018 certified), or the customer's private cloud

Q&A Section

Allow members to ask questions, get answers and engage in in-depth discussions

User control

Manage permissions and set user roles


Customize your hub according to your brand identity

Private messaging

Engage with your members and start discussions

Special requests

If you have special requirements, we can work with you to realize them

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