Contributions guidelines

Your contributions.
We kindly ask you to contribute only 3rd party content which does not violate copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets or any other personal or proprietary right of any other party. We take no responsibility and we do not assume any liability for any contribution you or others make to the platforms.
Use proper grammar and spelling.
Proper spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalization make it easier for everyone to navigate and enjoy the platform.
Add screenshots instead of links if sites won't display.
Some sites do not allow themselves to be displayed by another service. If a site you submitted refuses to display, consider changing the item to a screenshot. You can do so by visiting your item and then pressing Edit > Show advanced options > Can this link be framed? > No. After that, simply click Submit and the screenshot will be created. Clicking on the screenshot will open your item in a new tab or window.
Add categories to group similar items.
You can use categories to split up groups of items so they become easier to manage. Take a category like "Entertainment" as an example. Movies and music are both forms of entertainment, but songs and films, are not the same type of content. Thus, having "Music" and "Movies" organized in two separate categories in "Entertainment" makes navigating and finding relevant content easier.
Propose changes to improve the quality of the platform.
So, before you propose to delete or edit an item, we kindly suggest you ask yourself whether you are doing it to improve the platform or to remove a point of view you do not share.