Use cases

See how others use the information hubs, and how you can benefit from having your own information hub.

Global issues community platform mockup
Associations and NGOs

Create a one-stop information for all stakeholders within your organization or around the globe and:

  • Increase your social capital and brand visibility
  • Engage your existing audience and reach a new audience
  • Allow members to come together, interact and share knowledge and resources
Internal teams

According to McKinsey, knowledge workers spend 20% of their time looking for information. Create an internal information hub to organize information and make sure your colleagues:

  • Save time by finding information quicker
  • Are always up to date on their industry and expertise
  • Have quick access to content to engage clients and prospects
Information hub platform mockup
Startup information platform mockup

Startup founders and employees don’t have time to waste searching for information. Provide your startups with a social information hub and make sure they grow faster by giving them quick access to:

  • Best practices (e.g. sales, marketing, PR, etc.)
  • Must-know how to's (e.g. raise funds, generate leads, etc.)
  • Latest market information (e.g. fintech, cleantech, etc.)
Empower your organization
Collect and organize must-know information and news from any online source, and create the go-to hub for all stakeholders within your organization or across the globe.