Use cases is used by companies and experts to create information hubs to help them stay up to date on different industries (global auto industry, financial industry, printing industry), expertise areas (human resources, marketing or competitors. also provides expert platforms for thought leaders and for professional communities and associations and assists them to create a one-stop knowledge shop for their members.

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Internal information hubs

Having the right information at the right time is crucial for the success of any business. Your information hub collects and organizes all the information you need and makes sure that you and your colleagues:

  • Save time by finding information quicker
  • Are always up to date on their industry and expertise
  • Keep track of your competitors and spot new opportunities
Expert community platforms

The number one reason people join a professional community is access to information. Create a one-stop information shop for your community and experts around the world and:

  • Increase engagement and attract new members
  • Save time on community management
  • Provide extra value for your members and monetize your platform
expert community platforms for associations
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